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Julie Thevenot

julie thevenot | brooklyn living

I love Julie Thevenot‘s new gradient series of jewelry….

[images from Julie Thevenot]

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Oeuf’s Fawn 2 in 1 crib system

 fawn bassinet

While Oeuf calls this genius piece of furniture a 2 in 1 system, I actually consider it 3.  The Fawn is the newest piece in their furniture line that goes from bassinet to crib to toddler bed! Pretty handy for those tight apartment spaces, don’t you think?

fawn cribfawn crib system

[images from Oeuf]

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sorbet colored pair

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Folding bikes

folding bikes

Its starting to get warmer out now here in New York, and that means everyones out enjoying the weather!  Bikes are a pretty popular form of transportation here, but not everyone can afford the space a full size one takes up, especially with cramped apartments as they are.  Here are some great folding bikes that will do the tricks very nicely!  I personally have a Brompton and love it!

1. Brompton – a big reason I decided on a Brompton was vainly, the color choices!  Since they’re all made to order in London, you can customize the colors to whatever combos you like out of their great palette.  They also fold up the smallest, making them great to take when traveling and on subways, and from my research, weigh the least out of all the other options.  I used to keep mine under my desk at work!

2. Montague – they carry mountain & pavement bikes that fold, which I think is pretty impressive.  Granted they don’t fold as small as some of the other brands, but its still nice for storing.

3. Strida – definitely the most unique looking of all the brands, it can be prepped vertically and has a quick setup with no gears to worry about.

4. Citizen Bike – Prices range from $169 to $999

5. Dahon – Dahon’s are ones I see lot in the city. They break up their bike selection into categories like Urban , Hi Performance and Recreation, and have models that even include pedal assist.

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Modern pink ombré baby shower

confetti baby shower invitation

Pink is a tough color for me.  I’ve always been a green girl myself, but when you’ve got a mama-to-be who absolutely LOVES pink, you make that mama happy!  Such was the case for the baby shower that Minhee from Paper+Cup and I threw for our dear friend (and book photographer) Jainé of Brklynview Photography!  Surprisingly enough, for never having thrown a baby shower before, it all came together pretty seamlessly….it certainly helps when you’ve got an unspoken language and understanding between your co-host after having worked together on a book for the last year!  Jainé already knew she wanted to do it at iCi, a local favorite that has the most perfect all white event space upstairs, so we just had to deck it out!  Minhee and I went for a modern pink, keeping it pretty simple but graphic at the same time.  She did the invitations and overall signage, while I handled the decor, flowers and favors.  With a little help from some friends, I think we pulled it off pretty well!

The invitations were silk screened in bright pink onto glassine envelopes that held pink confetti from Knot & Bow.  The guests loved it, and it gave a good idea of what was to come.

Baby-K-Shower-Edited-3O2A0190 acrylic drink signage

Minhee took sheets of acrylic and and back painted them using various techniques for table signage.  Even though each were a little different, they all looked cohesive by using the same pink and font for the decals on top.  She also had the great idea of getting baby photos of Jainé and tinting them in various shades of pink to hang around the space.

baby shower photos baby shower mirror decal

iCi has a lovely mirror in the space that needed some decorating, so with a bit of decal magic and a hot pink garland from Paper Fox LA, we jazzed it up nicely!

Baby-K-Shower-Edited-3O2A0296 ombre pink flower centerpiece ombre pink flower centerpiece

Since Jainé had mentioned once that she liked ombré, we figured that the most dynamic place to put that to work would be the centerpiece, especially knowing how iCi likes to set up their tables.  Out of curiosity, I wanted to see how difficult it would be to pull off something like this myself, so I worked with Flowermuse who provided all the gorgeous blooms for the day.  A few days before the event, they sent over boxes of peonies, ranunculus and roses, all perfectly packed and ready for prepping.  Depending on how full I wanted the blooms to get for the big day, they sent easy to follow directions on how to take care of the flowers and how to get them to open when I wanted.  Couldn’t have been simpler, and I had an apartment smelling like a fabulous flower shop for a few days to boot!  For vases, I ordered a bunch from a restaurant web supply store where bud vases were around a $1 each in varying shapes.  They ended up being an extra favor for guests at the end of the brunch too which was nice.   (This also would work really well for a bridal shower, just sayin’!)

Baby-K-Shower-Edited-3O2A0436die cut seating cards

The seating cards were a project I did on my Cricut Explore Air…once they were all cut out, I used some hot pink gouache paint and put my calligraphy skills to work writing out everyones name.

 baby shower place setting cocktails

Minhee stamped all the cocktail napkins with our hashtag for the brunch #yaybabyk!

Baby-K-Shower-Edited-3O2A0445 mama to be!Baby-K-Shower-Edited-3O2A0606 french toast brunchguest book table baby shower guest book

Years ago I had picked up all the copies I could find of Sharon Montroses’s Ménagerie book off Amazon because I always thought they’d make great baby shower guest books, and they really do!  Minhee added the fun bookmark so we could keep our spot.

Baby-K-Shower-Edited-3O2A0586 Baby-K-Shower-Edited-3O2A0592 oh baby signBaby-K-Shower-Edited-3O2A0517Baby-K-Shower-Edited-3O2A0545Baby-K-Shower-Edited-3O2A0487 guest book table baby shower game

To keep it a little exciting, we had 2 activities set up…one was a card where people would list wishes for the baby, and the other was a very competitive game of baby bingo!

pink confetti cake tablepink confetti cake

Betsy of Nine Cakes (who ALSO worked on the book with us!) did this amazing confetti cake that was pink velvet inside!  So yummy, and so adorable on the little rabbit cake stand from Imm Living.  I worked with Little Cat Design Co. to come up with a cheeky cake topper that was playful and worked with our theme.

fatty sundays favors

All the guests took home these custom colored pretzel sticks hand dipped by the ladies of Fatty Sundays….in ombré pink no less!

All in all, we had an awesome time with friends and family, and I might even appreciate pink a little more :)  Big thanks to Sasithon Photography who took all these great pictures!!


Venue: iCi Restaurant
Flowers: Flower Muse
Bud vases: Webstaurant Store
Cake: Nine Cakes
Cake topper: Little Cat Design Co.
Invitations & paper goods, acrylic signage: Paper+Cup Design
Invitation confetti: Knot & Bow
Tassel garlands: Paper Fox LA
Favors: Fatty Sundays

[images from Sasithon Photography]

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colorful pair

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Links of note

This weekend, and especially today, is a big deal for the Armenian community worldwide.  Its the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide that took place April 24, 1915.  1.5 million men, women and children were massacred by the Turkish government, and those who survived were displaced to all corners of the globe.  You may not know this, because its not taught in most history textbooks in the US, and if it was, its hardly a paragraph, yet the events that happened 100 years ago are what led to the eventual Holocaust by Hitler, and are what led to the coining of the term “genocide.”  The Turkish government continues to deny that the events happened, rather citing them as casualties of a civil war, but its hard to deny the documented facts from that time period.  Many governments around the world have banded together to enact proclamations calling the massacre what is it, a genocide, but pointedly, our own US government will not use the word.  Back when he was running for office, President Obama said he would be the first sitting President to do so, but with Turkey apparently being a big ally in whats going on in the Middle East right now, it seems he doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers.  Its a big disappointment to be sure.

So rather than provide you with some fluffy links of note this week, I thought it would be prudent to post some posts to educate those of you who don’t know anything about the Genocide, in hopes that it will open your eyes to a bit to whats going on this weekend.  This weekend you’ll find me in Times Square with thousands of other Armenians & supporters at the annual commemoration of the Genocide, happening here and around the world.

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