Nursery reveal

modern black and white boy nursery

As an interior designer, I come up with room schemes on a daily basis for clients, but when it comes to designing for ME?  That’s a whole other ball game.  I don’t know why its nearly impossibly to settle on a design for myself, maybe its because I’m a Libra, maybe its because I know how many options are out there…I have no idea!  But this nursery did NOT come easy.  I had an idea in my mind for the longest time that for some reason just was not working, and now I’m at a place where I’m happy where its gone.  Hopefully this kid will like it as much!

As a starting point, I knew that black and white would play a huge role in the room…originally I was toying with some wallpaper ideas, but in the end went with a simple colorblocking for the room that allowed the color from Will’s budding art collection to take center stage above.  And for the record, I would have gone with this color scheme if I had had a girl too…I find it timeless and easy to accessorize to get the color in there.  I chose art that weren’t all necessarily for kids, and mixed in some tactile pieces like the pompom mobile and vintage W.  For furniture, I went with pieces that didn’t cost a ton, but were still modern and would carry through his toddler years.  The biggest splurge was probably the glider, but it was the most comfortable one I tried and since I’d be doing the bulk of his nursing there, I figured I might as well be comfy.  Its classic enough to work in our living room once he’s outgrown snuggling in it with me.


modern black and white boy nursery

modern black and white boy nurserymodern black and white boy nursery modern black and white boy nursery modern black and white boy nursery

When it came to framing art, I already had a bunch of West Elm and IKEA white frames, but for the larger or newer pieces like the map or Hulk photo above, I worked with Simply Framed and they couldn’t have been easier to work with.  To stick with the white theme when framing the art, I used their Gallery White frame, but they have tons to choose from if thats not your style.  I liked how it worked well with my existing frames, and sending the art to them was a breeze.

modern black and white boy nursery modern black and white boy nursery


Rug: Urban Outfitters (similar)
Crib: Babyletto Hudson crib
Crib mattress: Simmons 2 in 1 crib mattress
Glider: Como glider from Monte Design
Side table: UM Project
Bedding: The Land of Nod
Mobile: Themis by Artecnica
Framing service: Simply Framed
Hanging light: Signal pendant from Fab
Art from left to right: ABC NYC print by Mr. Boddington, Mint horseshoe from Cast and Crew, Red eye by The Great Lakes Goods, Less is More poster by HolsteeBaby porcupine by Animal Print Shop, Mini painting by Mark Mulroney, Vintage W from Harper’s Flea, Alligator print by Linda & Harriett for The Land of Nod, World map from Future Mapping CompanyHulk by Amy Stein, Pompom mobile by Dana Haim
Grey paint: Benjamin Moore Witching Hour 2120-30
Picture rails: Ikea

[images from Brklyn View Photography]

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Photo gifts from Minted

minted art gifts

Modern dot

Last week I showed off our birth announcements from Minted, and this week I’m going to show you guys some grandparents gifts we did with them using pictures from our newborn shoot with my friend Jainé from Brklyn View Photography.  As I quickly found out after having William, grandparents are OBSESSED with taking pictures of their grandkids.  I don’t know about your parents, but mine never want gifts for the holidays, but I knew they would love a great framed picture of their grandson they could hang up, so again I teamed up with Minted to showcase some of their frameable art options.  With so many designs to choose from, including some using foil in a variety of shades, you really can’t go wrong.  I, of course, love the more modern designs!!

minted art gifts

Quote of the year – I can’t wait for Will to start talking so I can use this design for his funny quotes!

minted art gifts


minted art gifts


minted art gifts

Delicate dots

minted art gifts


Not only can you use photography in their designs, they now are able to print your childs artwork, or create custom maps or silhouettes of your child as well, in bright bold colors or even in metallic foil!

minted custom letterpress art minted custom art

[images from Minted]

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Birth announcements from Minted

minted birth announcement

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating the holidays with your families and friends!  Normally by this time I’ve sent out my holiday cards thanks to my friends over at Minted, but since this year I welcomed my son so close to the holidays, I just could not get my sh*t together with a newborn hanging all over me, so I’m going with a new year’s birth announcement instead!  (Mom’s out there, you feel me right?)

I’ve always loved how many options Minted has for designs, and especially love so many of their announcement cards.  I’m a big fan of keeping it simple so a lot of their geometric or typographic designs really spoke to me, but in the end I went with the Baby Bunting design in black and white because it was very reminiscent of my baby shower.  I’ve never been a huge “pastel” fan anyway, so the graphic nature of this one really worked for me and my aesthetic.  Here are some other designs I was considering…there are so many to choose from for every persons taste!

minted birth announcement

Chalkboard stats

minted birth announcement

Tall type

minted birth announcement

Half chalkboard

minted birth announcement

Ribbon banner – This was the one I was going to originally go with but didn’t work with the orientation of the photo we decided on.  Still love it though!

minted birth announcement

Meet Jacob

minted birth announcement

Just the numbers

minted birth announcement


[baby photo by Brklyn View Photography, all other images from Minted]

We received our announcements in exchange for an honest review, but I’m a fan of all of Minted’s products and absolutely love working with them!

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Holiday cocktail from Signature Sips

 DIY holiday drinkDIY holiday drink

Hosting or having a DIY party (engagement, bachelorette or birthday) in your honor? If so, it’s time to get creative in the kitchen and concoct a signature beverage for your special day!

Offering a signature cocktail at an event can make all the difference. It shows your guests that you’re thinking about the little details, and it’s a super fun perk for those in attendance. A signature drink provides your family and friends (and sometimes strangers!) with an option that’s different from anything at their local pub.

Signature Sips has created a drink that’s easy to make and a crowd-pleaser. Read on to find out how to make “Plus 1” and enjoy!

DIY holiday drink

“Plus 1”


2/3 cup of fresh lemon juice

1 bunch of fresh rosemary

2/3 cup maple syrup

Steep rosemary for 30 minutes (save a few strands to garnish later on).

Remove rosemary and combine all ingredients in a large bowl or drink tupperware.

Mix with equal parts water, soda or spirit*. Recommended with whiskey. You can also add a splash to beer for a refreshing shandy.

*Note: You may either mix in the alcohol with the entire batch or on a per-glass basis.

To garnish:

Place one or two pieces of fresh rosemary in each glass. The rosemary can also double as a stirrer.

To serve:

A whiskey tumbler is a classic option for this cocktail, but not the only option. Mismatched pastel glassware, vintage tea cups or copper moscow mule mugs are also visually perfect to entice your guests to the bar, and keep ‘em coming back for more!

Signature Sips, based in Brooklyn, NY, is passionate about mixology and events. Their goal is to bring the elusive speakeasy experience — meaning care and time into each drink — to your event, but without the wait. Signature Sips’ boutique service works with couples and event planners to create a taste sensory experience via your bar. Any taste you can imagine, any flavor you can remember, Signature Sips will turn it into a lovely libation. Homemade with care, their versatile cocktails include nothing less than the freshest ingredients. These Brooklyn ladies value the importance of mocktails too, as they want to cater to all of your guests, even those not consuming alcohol. Let’s celebrate with taste!

[images by Blue Spark Photography]

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My graphic black and white baby shower!

baby shower banner

I’m not one for a fuss being made over me, but I gotta say my baby shower was pretty damn awesome!  I dont think I’ve ever had a party so quintessentially ME before, and I’ve got my friends Minhee & Jainé to thank for their creative direction in it.  (I guess after working on a book together, you really get to know a person!)  Keep scrolling to see all the showery goodness from the day! (I’m going to keep the photos of guests to a minimum in case they’re camera shy, but there’s plenty of inspiration to be had)

black and white baby shower invite

The scene was really set with Minhee’s invitations for the day….using my favorite color green and a punch of graphic black and white for this baby boy, she used an idea from our book, Weddings in Color, as the basis.  I just love that oversized wax seal with a monogram she created!

graphic black and white baby showergraphic black and white baby shower

Flowermuse provided the gorgeous white flowers that the girls arranged for the table in clusters.  I didn’t realize it then (there was so much going on!), but it was very similar to what I had done for my wedding, so it was a nice tie in to that.  It was also totally modern and easy to pull together too!

graphic black and white baby shower  graphic baby shower graphic black and white baby shower graphic baby shower drin accessories  baby shower cocktail

The monogram even carried out onto customized napkins and cocktail stirrers!

green baby shower menubaby shower decor  baby shower decor

Minhee had asked my parents to send over pictures of me as a baby to blow up and hang around the space.  Green balloons and garlands she made added to the decor for the walls.

graphic black and white baby shower centerpiece graphic black and white baby shower   graphic baby shower favors

If a black and white cookie isn’t the perfect favor for a party like this, then I don’t know what is!

baby shower photobooth photobooth guestbookbaby shower photobooth

Shake & Share Media was on hand with an awesome photobooth for guests to turn their pictures into a guestbook for me.   I just love how all the pictures came out, and they made great souvenirs for guests as well!

graphic baby shower cake geometric baby shower cake

I can’t remember when I first had a taste of Nine Cakes mint chocolate chip cake, but once I did, I knew I had to have it for whatever event I had coming up next!  Its so delicious, and the leftovers have been great for those minty pregnancy cravings I’ve been having.

graphic black and white baby shower

The day went by so quickly, but it was definitely filled with lots of love!  Big thank you to all the hostesses for the baby shower: Minhee, Jainé, my mom, Raakhee, Anne, and Kiki!


Venue: iCi Restaurant
Cake: Nine Cakes
Photobooth: Shake & Share Media
Flowers: Flowermuse
Paper goods: Paper+Cup Design
Photography: Brklyn View Photography

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