I’ll take one of each

initial sweatshirts

I love these new initial sweatshirts from Kate Spade Saturday…I’m visualizing a great photo op with a bunch of girlfriends wearing these!

[images from Kate Spade Saturday]

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Inspo-grams | 01

instagrams 1

I wasn’t always the biggest Instagram fan when it first came out…shows how much I know, right?  Now I can’t get enough and check it out way more than I do any other social media platform for all the inspiring images that comes out of it.  These are just a few I’ve been collecting over the last few months, and rather than share with you just specific people who have great streams, I thought I’d focus on the images that have been particularly inspiring for me.

@eatdrinkchic | @poppiesforgrace | @edytaphoto | @peachesandkeen

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9 favorites from Land of Nod

land of nod favorites

Land of Nod has certainly done a great job with their new Spring line, including some amazing designs from illustrator Ashley Goldberg!  I wish I were tiny enough to be able to use that teepee, but I’ll just have to make due with that spotted shower curtain!

1. Teepee | 2. Square throw pillow | 3. Triangle throw pillow | 4. Good Vibe floor bin | 5. Abstract table shade| 6. Half dot garland | 7. Nice Spot shower curtain | 8. Electric Avenue mirror | 9. Confetti fest rug

[images from Land of Nod]

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Phoenix feather pen

phoenix feather penI seriously wouldn’t mind going back to the olden days if it meant I could write with one of these stunning feather pens.

phoenix feather pen

[image from Cooper Hewitt]

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Pour paintings by Holton Rower

I’d first seen Holton Rower‘s pour paintings at The Hole in 2012 purely by accident.  It was NY Design Week 2012, and I was heading to the train after hitting some off site shows near the Bowery…you know how those happy New York moments can happen.  I wasn’t paying attention to anything in particular, and in passing this stark white building, saw these giant pieces just brimming with every color imaginable.  What looks to be completely random ebbs and flows in the paint color and order are really premeditated to the utmost degree, with time to allow paint to spread and settle.  The result is just amazing, and a sight to see in person.  The video above shows a sped-up version of what goes into making one of these paintings….I could honestly watch it all day!

holton rowerholton rower holton rower holton rowerholton rowerholton rower

I was so excited my iPhone case matched perfectly with the art!

[images by Vané Broussard, video from Holton Rower]

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Back to black

all black eames

As if the designs of Charles and Ray Eames weren’t amazing enough, a few key pieces have been reissued in all black!  I wouldn’t necessarily do a whole interior with these, but man, get the right one and how killer would that be.  I’ve got my eye on that lounger & ottoman.

House bird | CTW1 rectangular coffee table | Molded plastic wire based side chair | Aluminum group lounge chair | Molded fiberglass dowel based arm chair | Hang-it-all | Lounge and ottoman | Executive chair

[images via Design Within Reach]

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The Craft of Thread Wrapping

I’m absolutely fascinated by this series of thread wrapped sculptures & furniture by artist Anton Alvarez.  All these pieces are held together with only glue-coated thread…no screws or nails!  Can you imagine the hours it would take to do this by hand?  Luckily, after years of research, he invented and developed a machine that would help make the process go faster, and then created a much larger version for his architectural pieces.  Watch the movie above to see how it works…its crazy how it works!

anton alvarezanton alvarezanton alvarezanton alvarezanton alvarezanton alvarez

[images from Anton Alvarez]

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Resolve to drink more water

modern water bottles

For some reason, drinking water is the hardest thing for me to do. My husband can go through bottles and bottles of water a day, but I can literally have maybe a glass and be done. Water is such an essential that I’m probably missing out on better skin and healthier insides, so for 2015 I’m resolving to drink more!

Top row: S‘well | AdnArt glass bottle | Bobble | Sigg | bkr
Bottom row: Alex bottle | Takeya | Dopper | Kor | Glass water bottle

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