Favorite gifts for new mamas and babies

momma and baby gifts

It used to be that my years were filled with weddings, and now they’re filled with baby showers and births!  I love being the auntie that spoils the kid, but I also like to think of the momma as well since she’s pretty much doing all the work…these are a few gifts I’ve been giving lately that I absolutely love!

1. Roxy Marj bear blanket | The sweetest little blanket I’ve ever seen…now they come in a bunch of different animals, and they’re perfect for baby photoshoots and for tummy time on the floor

2. Freshly Picked Moccasins | These moccasins have pretty much blown up at this point right?  And for good reason, they come in a ton of different colors and sized for babies and walkers

3. Mr. Boddington birth certificate | I don’t know what a standard birth certificate looks like, but I can guarantee its not as beautiful as this one designed by Mr. Boddington

4. JellyCat stuffed bunny | JellyCat’s are quite literally the softest stuffed animals I’ve ever felt, so every baby I know is getting one!

5. Artifact Uprising wooden box | Artifatc Uprising boxes would make a great time capsule of the first year of photos and milestones

6. The Baby Owner’s Manual | This book is just for fun, since its clear that the babies are the ones that are running the show

7. Hello Apparel onesie and shirt | This shirt and onesie are pretty indicative of what happens during the first few months for momma and baby, but cute nonetheless.

8. Hatch to Hospital box | This hospital set is purely for mom’s comfort, so if you’re the lucky one to get it for her, you’ll be her best friend for life!

9. Thief & Bandit onesie | Cute onesies!  C’mon, babies just can’t get enough of those!

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