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Happy Passover and Easter everyone! Hope you’ve all got some plans to hang out with family and enjoy this time together!  I’ve got a busy weekend of dying eggs (I think I might try painting them this year) for our egg cracking game…anyone else know about this?  Everyone gets a hardboiled egg, and one by one tries to crack someone elses egg with their own egg.  Whoever is left with a perfect egg wins!  Always nice to keep the competition alive amongst family 🙂

  • I totally backed this Kickstarter…its a genius idea and well overdue!
  • Making a cake into a vase?  Perfect for Easter!
  • Hate spam?  Love money?  Try this!
  • Have you decorated your eggs yet for Easter?  Here are some cute designs to try…1, 2, 3

[image from Present & Correct’s instagram feed]

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