Mother’s Day flower inspiration 3 ways

simple mothers day arrangement

I dont know if I ever told you guys this, but Brooklyn Living was supposed to launch like a year or 2 ago.  Crazy right?  When starting a site there are always delays and nothing really goes according to plan, so while waiting for the site to get ready, my friend Alicia from Bows & Arrows in Dallas was visiting NYC and had a great idea to put together a shoot.   I loved it, grabbed my girl Jainé from Brklynview Photography to shoot it, and so with Mother’s Day just around the corner, thought it would be a great time to feature it!

Using the same exact flowers, Alicia put together 3 different ways to do a centerpiece from just a few flowers, to a plethora of them!  I’ll feature one a day this week so you can see what she did, and hope you can get some great inspiration for YOUR next celebration.

Today’s arrangement is the simplest, using some animal head vases I had purchased from Anthropologie a while back, and some lovely flowers.  This could easily be replicated with garden blooms or whatever you find foraging around your neighborhood, but has such a nice impact.

simple mothers day arrangement simple mothers day arrangement simple mothers day arrangement simple mothers day arrangement simple mothers day arrangement

[florals by Bows & Arrows, images by Brklynview Photography]


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