Hitting the 3rd trimester!


I haven’t really been talking about my pregnancy much here, other than the weekly photos I’ve been sharing on Instagram (#bklynbump), but its definitely been quite a trip.  The first trimester pretty much just sucked wit nausea hitting me primarily in the afternoons and evenings.  The second trimester went too quickly but was finally where I felt a little more like myself, except for my giant swollen potato feet & acid reflux, and now I just hit the third trimester so its all systems go until November when this kid is scheduled to come out.

I’ve been trying to limit how much I’ve been reading or finding out as we go since I’ve had such bad anxiety in the past, though I’ve been surprisingly calm thus far.  Just trying to not overthink things I think….ignorance might really be bliss for me!  Anyone else like that?  Just letting things happen as they will and not over-read everything?

Over the next few weeks I’ll post some more baby stuff from inspiration for the nursery, to my baby shower and what I ACTUALLY did with the nursery (definitely wasn’t what I thought it was going to be), so I hope you won’t mind me sharing…I promise it won’t be all babyville around here!

[images above from my Instagram…weeks 20, 22, 23, and 24, where I finally lost sight of my toes!]

  1. Tina

    I saw these bump photos this weekend. Hilarious and clever!

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