BL Baby: Initial nursery inspiration

grey nursery

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So in case you didn’t know, I’m an interior designer by trade.  I’ve been doing it for 9 years, and when I tell you its infinitely easier to design for someone else than yourself, believe it!  I’ve been going back and forth on nursery designs for weeks, so thought I would share a couple of directions with you that will lead up to what we actually do in there.  We know we’ve having a boy, so I’ve liked the idea of having a graphic neutral room, but still have it have a pop of something.  Black and white is an obvious choice, but I don’t necessarily want to have the room be totally dark (though I might feel differently when this kid decides he doesn’t want to sleep!)  Going slightly lighter to a charcoal grey will probably be the way to go.

black and white nursery

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Before even BEING pregnant, I saw the Land of Nod Carousel crib in green (see below) and thought for SURE I would want to use this for my eventual baby…green is my absolute favorite color and theirs really is the perfect shade of kelly.  But Chad’s been giving me some pushback on it, so its been making me rethink it, and eventually I had trouble working it into anything I wanted to do.  I’m devastated, but will press on!  There will be green somewhere in this room, I swear it!

green nursery

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So thats where we’re at right now…in the coming weeks I’ll show you guys how I thought some of these designs would come together in renderings!

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