Naked cake party


I love a good skills class for expanding my horizons, so this cake workshop hosted by Paper Heart Patisserie is a great idea!  It would be super fun to take a bunch of girlfriends or to have as an activity at a bridal or baby shower!

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From Paper Heart Patisserie: The saying “Less is More” has certainly been making an impact in the cake department lately. Naked cakes, layered cakes with minimal buttercream frosting, have been all the rage for weddings, birthdays, showers– just about any event or celebration. The style is definitely more organic and rustic, but is not short of being beautiful. What’s even better about naked cakes is how simple it can be to create them! I hear a lot of people say that they feel like they could “never” make the cakes they surface popular blogs and sites like Pinterest”. However, with just a few techniques and tricks, even a baker with little experience can put together a delicious and gorgeous looking cake. For my Spring Naked Cake Workshop, I wanted to emphasize exactly that. It was a lot of fun to share my knowledge with passionate learners. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun putting on their aprons, rolling up their sleeves, and “getting naked”! To keep the cakes looking fresh and colorful, Scarlett & Grace provided some vibrant and lovely flowers that really made the cakes shine…plus, we had to put a little bit of “clothing” on our cakes, right?

Photographer:  Milou + Olin Photography//Location:Goodwork HQ //Bakery: Paper Heart Patisserie //Floral Designer: Scarlett & Grace//

[images from Milou + Olin Photography]

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