Folding bikes

folding bikes

Its starting to get warmer out now here in New York, and that means everyones out enjoying the weather!  Bikes are a pretty popular form of transportation here, but not everyone can afford the space a full size one takes up, especially with cramped apartments as they are.  Here are some great folding bikes that will do the tricks very nicely!  I personally have a Brompton and love it!

1. Brompton – a big reason I decided on a Brompton was vainly, the color choices!  Since they’re all made to order in London, you can customize the colors to whatever combos you like out of their great palette.  They also fold up the smallest, making them great to take when traveling and on subways, and from my research, weigh the least out of all the other options.  I used to keep mine under my desk at work!

2. Montague – they carry mountain & pavement bikes that fold, which I think is pretty impressive.  Granted they don’t fold as small as some of the other brands, but its still nice for storing.

3. Strida – definitely the most unique looking of all the brands, it can be prepped vertically and has a quick setup with no gears to worry about.

4. Citizen Bike – Prices range from $169 to $999

5. Dahon – Dahon’s are ones I see lot in the city. They break up their bike selection into categories like Urban , Hi Performance and Recreation, and have models that even include pedal assist.