10 great black and white wallpapers

10 graphic black and white wallpapers | Brooklyn Living

It’s always amazing to me how a great wallpaper can really transform a space.  As an interior designer, I’m always on the hunt for great modern patterns to use on projects, and these are all ones that have caught my eye at one time or another…the best part is that black and white goes with everything!

PS. If you ever have extra wallpaper, its great for lining drawers, the inside of cabinets, or wrapping gifts!

1. Mock Rock by Ghislaine Viñas for Flavor Paper | 2. Cities Toile by Rifle Paper Co. for Hygge & West | 3. Refracted by Porter Teleo  | 4. Daydream by Julia Rothman for Hygge & West | 5. Knots by Terrence Payne for Hygge & West | 6. Mono Cube Star by Jocelyn Warner | 7. Grid by Ferm | 8. Angle by Ferm | 9. Trellis by Cavern | 10. Sixty-Eight by Nama Rococo

Designs by Tomás Alonso

tomas alonso for camper

While researching the Camper stores for work last week, I came across the designs of Tomás Alonso and quickly discovered that so many things in design I had been loving and coveting are attributed to him!  Obviously the Camper stores are a lot of what he’s known for, having designed quite a few all over Europe, and all using the same language of ceramic tiles, but tweaking them a little for each store to have its own identity.  So simple, yet with so many opportunities for variation!

tomas alonso for praxis  tomas alonso for camper tomas alonso tomas alonso for camper tomas alonso for camper tomas alonso tomas alonso for camper tomas alonso for camper

[images from Tomás Alonso]

Modern giftwraps for year round

modern giftwrap | Brooklyn Living

Gift wrap has gotten so good lately, it kinda makes we want to wrap everything that comes in a box!  I’ve always thought a beautifully wrapped gift makes the gift even more special!  Here are some of my favorites that are great year round.

1. The Paper Kit | 2. Mr. Boddington | 3. Mr. Boddington | 4. Fig. 2 Design | 5. Dabney Lee | 6. Kate Zaremba Company | 7. IKEA | 8. Normans Printery | 9. Eggpress

modern giftwrap | Brooklyn Living

1. Minted | 2. Kate Spade | 3. The Paper Kit | 4. Fig. 2 Design | 5. The Paper Kit | 6. INK+WIT | 7. Fig. 2 Design | 8. The Paper Kit | 9. Normans Printery

Workaday Handmade

workaday handmade ceramics

I’m sure many of you are aware of the ceramic moment happening right now (and if you weren’t, check out this article in New York Magazine).  Anyway, in the handmade section over at NY Now this weekend, I got to catch a peek of Workaday Handmade‘s gorgeous ceramics that thus far I’ve only been able to admire via social media.  Artist Forrest Lewinger had a bunch of new pieces, like the double vases and clocks above, that I’ll definitely be adding to my Valentine’s wish list.

workaday handmade ceramicsworkaday handmade ceramics  workaday handmade ceramics workaday handmade ceramics

[images by Vané Broussard for Brooklyn Living]

The most gorgeous chocolates you’ll ever see

gorgeous chocolate bars

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, chocolate seems to be the gift of choice for lovers, and why not?  It’s freakin’ delicious!  But if you’re going to have chocolate as your token of love, make sure its not only tasty, but gorgeous too.  These are just a few that have taken their design to the next level, and I’ll take one of each, thankyouverymuch!

Chocolate Editions | Compartés | Cacao Prieto

gorgeous chocolate bars

Compartés | Unelefante | Mast Brothers

[images from respective vendors]

Wes Anderson handkerchiefs

wes anderson hankies wes anderson hankies

A few weeks ago I rewatched The Grand Budapest Hotel and quickly became obsessed with searching for an authentic Mendl’s box to buy online.  Obviously, I wasn’t about to pay $150 for the real deal, but I DID come across the sweetest Wes Anderson themed handkerchiefs by Flo Corretti.  She has ones with designs from Moonrise Kingdom, The Life Aquatic and of course The Grand Budapest Hotel, in addition to other designs, and they’re all certainly too nice to be sneezing into! Check out her Etsy shop for all these and more!

[images from Flo Corretti]

Resolve to drink more water

modern water bottles

For some reason, drinking water is the hardest thing for me to do. My husband can go through bottles and bottles of water a day, but I can literally have maybe a glass and be done. Water is such an essential that I’m probably missing out on better skin and healthier insides, so for 2015 I’m resolving to drink more!

Top row: S‘well | AdnArt glass bottle | Bobble | Sigg | bkr
Bottom row: Alex bottle | Takeya | Dopper | Kor | Glass water bottle