Photo gifts from Minted

minted art gifts

Modern dot

Last week I showed off our birth announcements from Minted, and this week I’m going to show you guys some grandparents gifts we did with them using pictures from our newborn shoot with my friend Jainé from Brklyn View Photography.  As I quickly found out after having William, grandparents are OBSESSED with taking pictures of their grandkids.  I don’t know about your parents, but mine never want gifts for the holidays, but I knew they would love a great framed picture of their grandson they could hang up, so again I teamed up with Minted to showcase some of their frameable art options.  With so many designs to choose from, including some using foil in a variety of shades, you really can’t go wrong.  I, of course, love the more modern designs!!

minted art gifts

Quote of the year – I can’t wait for Will to start talking so I can use this design for his funny quotes!

minted art gifts


minted art gifts


minted art gifts

Delicate dots

minted art gifts


Not only can you use photography in their designs, they now are able to print your childs artwork, or create custom maps or silhouettes of your child as well, in bright bold colors or even in metallic foil!

minted custom letterpress art minted custom art

[images from Minted]

On learning

taking classes

I remember while in school I always found it a pain to be in a class, except when it came to any classes dealing with art or making things with my hands.  I’ve been out of college for over (cough, cough) 10 years at this point and have been feeling that itch to learn new crafts, so I’ve made it a point to take classes of skills I’d love to learn or relearn by the top ladies in their fields. These are a few I’ve taken that I highly recommend!

Flower arranging with Chelsea Fuss of Frolic!

Chelsea’s flower arranging class was my first foray in post-collegiate learning a few years back, and it was incredibly eye opening.  Chad and I made a vacation out of it since the class was in Portland and we had wanted to visit anyway, so it just goes to show that you shouldn’t let location stop you from taking a class with the teacher you want!  It’s even easier now to take a class with her now that she’s doing them through Nicole’s Classes…I highly recommend it!

Calligraphy with May-belle

I was invited to Maybelle’s class when it was in Brooklyn a while back and loved it!  You walk away not only with the new knowledge of of calligraphy, but all the tools you’ll need to keep it up once you’re home.  The class is small so you get personal attention, and its really helped me branch out with other techniques.  She’s teaching all over the world it seems lately, so there’s no excuse to find the closest class to you and take it!

Weaving with Maryanne Moodie

This was the latest class I took and I absolutely loved it!  I had done weaving on large looms in college (I liked it so much I became a textile arts minor!) but had forgotten all my skills, so this class was a great refresher for me.  Now that she’s back from maternity leave after having her latest babe, she’s starting to schedule classes again, so sign up!

Pompoms with Dana Haim

I’ve made pompoms before with plastic pompom makers, but could never figure out how to do cool patterns and shapes.  In reality, there’s an organic way of going about it, and with little more than some cardboard molds and getting to learn from the pompom queen herself, I walked away with some stellar poms and a passion to make more!  Follow her on Instagram to find out about upcoming classes.

[images from respective teachers]