Essentials for working on a plane

 plane essentials | Brooklyn Living

I have a hard time traveling without some essentials for getting work done, especially if I know there’s going to be wifi on the plane!  Here are some things I always take with me…they don’t take up a lot of space either!

Laptop – I used to have a Macbook Air just for when I traveled, but now the Macbook Pro‘s are just as light, and there’s no need to transfer files back and forth.

iPad mini – critical for catching up reading and movies in your down time.

Sound cancelling headphones – I swear by the Bose QuietComfort versions…they truly block out chatty conversations and crying babies!

Notebooks & pens – I’ve really been enjoying the soft covered notebook from May Designs….you can pick from a bunch of different options for the cover AND interiors.  These pattern pens are cute AND write beautifully!

External battery – the Mophie juicepack powerstation can power up your iPad and iPhone at the same time, and the finish will go seamlessly with all your other Apple products.

Computer bag – I love mine from Cargo-Works – its got pockets for the laptop, iPad mini, and cords

Extras – I like keeping my cords tangle free using these cord tacos & cordito from This Is Ground.  The Kii charger from Bluelounge great because it can always just stay on your keyring for when you need it.

What are your plane essentials when you need to get some work done?  I’d love to hear in the comments!