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Brooklyn Living accepts paid advertising from third-party vendors through the site, i.e. the right sidebar and editorial sponsored posts.  All advertising opportunities are clearly marked as per FTC regulations.  Paid advertisements do not guarantee editorial coverage.  Sponsored posts are reviewed on a case by case basis, as we will only accept inquiries that truly fit with the sites aesthetic and readership. Any products or services provided for editorial consideration at no cost or discounted cost will be disclosed.  The views and opinions expressed by guest contributors for Brooklyn Living are those of the individual bloggers.

Some of the advertisements that appear on Brooklyn Living are delivered to you by national internet advertising and application company such as Cox Digital Solutions.  This company utilizes certain technologies to deliver advertisements and marketing messages and to collect anonymous information about your visit to our site(s), including information about the banner ads they display, and cookie they place on your computer and your IP address. To opt out of information collection by Cox Digital Solutions, or to obtain information about the technologies they use or their own privacy policy, please visit their website at:

Comment policy
All comments are subject to approval.  Brooklyn Living reserves the right to delete any comments deemed inappropriate, offensive, or spam.

Privacy policy
Brooklyn Living collects certain data from all site visitors including IP addresses, type of browser, service provider, date, time and length of visit, pageviews and clicks, in order to analyze trends and gather demographic information.  To comment, you must provide your name, email address and website if applicable.  No identifiable information is shared with third-parties unless required by law.

Linking policy
Brooklyn Living does not accept cross marketing or link referral programs.  If you are interested in advertising, email Vané for more information.

Brooklyn Living does provide a blog roll of favorite sites that we feel would be of interest to our readers.  Once you click on these sites, you are leaving Brooklyn Living and are subject to the policies of the third-party website.  Brooklyn Living will not be responsible for any private information collected from these websites, nor any content or opinions expressed on that site.

If you would like to repost any content from Brooklyn Living, you must credit Brooklyn Living and the original source and/or photographers with proper links.  We do not allow syndication of our content.

By accessing Brooklyn Living, you consent to the collection and use of this information as stated in this policy.

Brooklyn Living reserves the right to amend these policies without notice.